We know this is a sensitive time for you, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. At ProFire, we strive to make the process as easy as possible for you while getting very detailed in our work to properly restore your structural repairs, as well as clean/restore your contents. When you choose to work with ProFire, here’s what you can expect:

Thorough Assessment

Once assigned a claim, our highly professional team at ProFire comes to your home to assess the damages. Our specialists are trained to look for the smallest and hidden damages to ensure proper claims, and estimates are written. ProFire is on all major insurance repair programs, including but not limited to, Safeco, Allstate, Amica, State Farm, Encompass, Nationwide and Liberty Mutual. We also honor estimates from Chubb, ASI, Cincinnati, Travelers, Central and many more.

Detailed Estimates

ProFire writes with the same software as the major insurance programs to develop estimates comparable to the insurance adjusters estimate. This ensures a good and fair estimate to be written and your claim loss to be settled more efficiently in order to begin the repairs.

Careful Packouts

Once the estimate is approved, ProFire begins the packout and repairs. We use a professional and efficient packout system called Contents Track. This system allows us to create barcodes and track every item in your household that we are taking out, complete with pictures and descriptions. Both the homeowners and the adjuster receive a copy of our packout list, as well as an unsalvageable contents list that allows the homeowner to work with the adjuster in order to be reimbursed from his/her insurance company. Salvageable items are then packed up and brought to the facility cleaned, ozoned and carefully stored to be moved and unpacked upon the request of the homeowner, once the structural repairs are complete.

Secure Storage

All packout items are secured in our climate-controlled facility and treated with utmost safety as if they were our own belongings. The items are securely wrapped, or bubble wrapped if necessary, and boxed and labeled.

Deep Cleanings

While in storage, your valuables undergo a deep and thorough cleaning to rid them of any fire or smoke odor. Items impacted by fire and smoke also go through our Ozone room, which kills any smoke odors. Everything is then boxed and placed back in storage until the house is ready for the items to return.

Detailed Repairs

There are no repairs we cannot do. Different than a typical contractor, we specialize in restoration contracting, so we know exactly which items can be repaired and which need to be replaced. We work directly off of the insurances’ final estimates and we supplement the insurance company for any additional damages if uncovered during the repair. In an attempt to best satisfy our customers, we offer a three-year warranty on all of our completed work and allow customers to submit change orders. Change orders enable homeowners to change the floor plan and remodel the home during the reconstruction process if desired, and it is agreed upon in writing and signed by Profire and the homeowner.

Emergency Repairs

ProFire is also available for emergency repairs. These repairs entail securing your home (i.e., tarping the roof if necessary), and boarding up windows and doors after a fire to ensure you and your home are safe. We also have the ability to refer any emergency water mitigation and drying and mold remediation to a sister company that we work with directly.

Why ProFire?

With over 24 years experience in restoration contracting, we know how to treat your home and your family well during these sensitive times. We’ve seen it all, and we’re here for you. Rest assured, your home is safe in our hands at ProFire. For more information, or to discuss your restoration needs, contact our team.


What is Covered?

The materials and labor provided by ProFire, LLC are within commercially accepted practices of the industry. “Commercially acceptable practices” means practices common and expected in the industry and guaranteed to be performed by a skillful and professional contractor. This warranty also covers work under customary practices for all subcontracts and other trades people under contract with the Contractor, including the crew of ProFire, LLC.

Unless otherwise identified in the written estimate and/or work orders provided by ProFire, LLC, all materials shall be of reasonable quality of their kind and grade, of efficient and effective design and type available for the purpose for which they are reasonably intended, as detailed in the work order; all labors, materials, and equipment reasonably conform to the requirements of the proposed repairs, specifications, drawings, approved samples, and other requirements of the written estimate and work orders; the finish of exterior surface of all materials used by ProFire, LLC shall be in reasonable accordance with the written estimate and/or work order specifications, or if there are no applicable specifications, the finish shall be consistent with commercially acceptable practices for the respective materials and equipment; all manufacturer’s warranties related to any materials, work or equipment provided by ProFire, LLC shall be delivered to and/or assigned to Owner. ProFire, LLC agrees to assist Owner to enforce such warranties.

Term of Warranty

This warranty is for 3 years from substantial completion, defined as the earlier of 1.) The date the actual work is finished, or 2.) The date the job is paid in full.

How to Obtain Service

If a problem develops during the warranty period due to the labor, workmanship or design of any work included in the written estimate and/or work orders provided by ProFire, LLC, Owner shall notify ProFire, LLC in writing of the specific problem within 30 days of first discovering the condition. ProFire, LLC will begin an evaluation process for performing the obligations to repair or replace the alleged defect under this warranty within a reasonable time after receipt of such a request. ProFire, LLC shall have the option of repairing or replacing, at its election. The work will be done by either ProFire, LLC’s crew or whatever competent workmen or subcontractors as designed by ProFire, LLC. ProFire, LLC has sole discretion as between repair or replacement. All efforts shall be made for a reasonable match, and to repair or replace in the event the original item is no longer available.


With respect to any claim asserted by owner, it is understood there is no right to cover or request compensation for normal wear and tear of the materials or damage cause by the Owner. This agreement in all matters and issues collateral thereto shall be governed by laws of the State of Georgia applicable to contracts, with respect to the determination of any claim, dispute, or disagreement, which may arise out of the interpretation, performance or breach of this agreement, and shall be subject to enforcement and interpretation solely in the appropriate courts of the State of Georgia.